Wealthy Affiliate Success

How The Hell Did A Class Clown With Disruptive Class Behaviors Find Wealthy Affiliate Success.

My personal wealthy affiliate successRobert Martin Lees a little boy punk, riddled with specific learning behaviors including borderline Asperger’s. Made his way to the truth and the life….

My journey to Wealthy Affiliate Success is, and has been a very, very long journey. But a Journey that I will NEVER ever regret. You know Approaching into my 40’s with no specific qualification’s, and making it to self employment I was still living with the Great FEAR of not being secure with my retirement.

I discovered online marketing way back in 2008 when I was looking at ways to self market, my then home business creating niche furniture with stainless steel, wood and polished concrete. I was overwhelmed with all these overseas websites, predominantly the US claiming to show anybody how you can earn money my recommending a simple ebook or some online business that is incorporated in to Network that is coded and tracked to a crazy looking link like. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/order/signup?a_aid=CGVAO5xw that bugger there.

And learn different ways you can disguise it , track, add it to images and fancy looking banner adds and you can make money. I was like  “what da suck” this sounds crazy ridiculous to good to be true bullshiz…

Back then I was still a little wild and enjoyed life with alcohol and drug abuse. But I still had my head screwed on. I did kinda get obsessed with wanting to get this dream lifestyle. Not wanting to get scammed! I decided to look for Free Ways To Make Money ONLINE:)..

Being a scrooge by nature, lol,  I felt this was the safest way to for indigenous not so literate kiwiboy to see if it was, and could be a true reality or not

What I discovered was a stormy battle in my head and a bombardment of what we call “information overload”. And that! Is dangerous stuff,  I urge you never go threw such a depressive state of mind.

Wealthy Affiliate Success is not an over night sensation, and to be honest I had to walk away from any device that connected me to the internet for quite a few months to get my mind back in control. In that time one technique for free ways to make money online I had read about, had stuck out. So when I was ready I made the commitment to give it a go.

This guy from Arkansas, Arizona was showing people how they could write an article on various subjects and submit them for Free on a high reader traffic website magazine, and recommend a related book or product through your coded link from an affiliate network and you will make some money, so that’s what I did. The same guy confessed the markets he himself was making the most money in, so I thought I would start with one of what he said was easy and lucrative.

I found Wealth Affiliate Success In The Bum Marketing Method

first cheque from wealthy affiliate cheque from clickbankI started writing my series of saving your relationship articles and started making money when dedicated people wanted professional help in the comfort of their own space. This was truly unbelievable for this kid on the other side of the world who knew nothing but using his hands to survive in this ever so inflating world.  Even just knowing that my words were helping people heal a heart, is a nice feeling.

Building my own website back then was i bit of a constant headache, but the same guy lead me to an online university that had a built in software that made it incredibly simple. And to fast forward to today, I have believe it or not?

Built Multiple niche website’s all generating a good passive income, as well as having a dot com real estimated value of more than 100.000 thousand dollars.

Growing with every bit of effort I spend via time and investment…:)

True Wealthy Affiliate Success Can Be Achieved With Determination Dedication And Discipline

Buy believing something that is unreal, but feeling in your heart that you might be on the right track can cause doubt if you aren’t confident in your own intuition. And I say this with experience, because in this futuristic way of being self employed. I have come across some people who I felt were legit, but thought what they were sharing was unreal.  And the waves I have seen these guys create in the world of online marketing has been exponential. and I have missed many a grand opportunity.

Whats important to understand, is the risk! Unfortunately NOW more than ever there are Scams out there prowling to talk you into the un-promised land. To have any success online you need many of the 3’s like the D’s in the headline above. You have to learn and and put time and effort in to find success. But with the right direction it is getting easier as technology progresses. 🙂

Whats more important and a proud moment for Robert Martin Lees of the under privileged society of New Zealand is the easy head start I can provide for my own children, and its great that they can start their online profile with this knowledge…

With that being said: I personally Guarantee that I will Never lie cheat or steal and this is a place for Honest Kiwi Reviews! I believe in Gods grace and everything his son came to teach us.

So be rest assured that what is displayed on here is 110%  REAL and Up TO Date. And I Promise to Never lead you astray.

Your wealthy affiliate success starts here

With my most humble of invitations as you can see above, the place where my good friend from Arkansas led me. It  is where I have created wealthy affiliate success.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that has been around Doing what it promises since 2005. I have been a proud member since 2008 and have seen many a member come, stay forever and I have seen many come and get stuck and give up. Also those like myself stayed put on hold and carried on.

The biggest thing I have noticed as being the “Make it, or Break it”  term of seeing, believing, and experiencing success at wealthy affiliate?

Is simply the help, guidance and encouragement you receive from the person you  sign up through. This also goes hand in hand as to how much you are willing to Learn, ask for help and take action.

With that being said. I am dedicated to helping myself, and helping my friends to learn this exciting opportunity and invite you to start your journey with at least a FREE membership with your OrGainit Guy by Clicking Here to ensure your right direction.

Heres a few common Q & A’s for Wealthy Affiliate

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me here

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

From spending a vast amount of time to create affiliate success. I found wealthy affiliate to be the most comprehensive over all. The Platform changes with the internet and offer so many tool, hosting and 1 on 1 help like no other affiliate training I have seen.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Scheme

On the contrary Wealthy Affiliate is incorporated with a standard affiliate program incorporated on a single tier payout. Strictly reward based program exclusive to its members.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit

Most learn how to make money programs that aren’t legit will have a short 2-3 year life cycle. Wealthy Affiliate has been an active training style online university geared toward affiliate marketing since 2005 with no standing claims against legitimacy.