Curriculum Vitae For Robert Martin Lees

Introduction And Covering Letter

Robert is a Multi Talented individual with are very pro-active and colorful work history. In every opportunity he has presented himself to very capable and takes pride to deliver his service with an above average Attitude. In every employment opportunity Robert has been very adaptive, fast to learn along with being very reliable even in trial times.

In his early years of education Robert was one of many who went through his schooling being an un-diagnosed individual with specific learning disabilities. He has never used this as a handicap, and over the years established and understood his own style of absorbing information and putting it to practice. His entry to employment is a prime example of the mental capabilities to understand and implement knowledge.

Straight from School Robert was given the opportunity to tertiary education my the MAF Ministry Of Agriculture and Fisheries (currently Assure Quality) to train as a Meat Inspector via on the job practical and academic learning. The learning and vocabulary were out of ordinary, and the list of multiple rules & procedures to learn were abundant. This position also required him to enforce the characteristic to lead by example as he was at the young age expected and disciplined to enforce health & safety among the meat processing plants. He carried out his qualifications and set a high standard to further his career and was Featured in New Zealands Pathways Documentory series for young leavers.

Being of strong character Robert discovered his desire in mechanical instrumentation and engineering from developing a Relationship in the engineering department. He left the MAF to pursue the variety of ongoing challenges and development of the large variety of skills and knowledge he has today.

Robert is a person who developed company focused attitude with a willingness to be compliant with any workplace requirements. He enjoys every challenge

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